I DIE TONIGHT is the gritty urban tale that picks up right where IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES left off, b

IF I DIE TONIGHT is the gritty urban tale that  allows you to look at life through the eyes of James "The Kid" Fuller, a troubled young man with a tortured soul and an extremely twisted past. Born and raised in 'The Badlands', a treacherous section of North Philadelphia, notorious for its open air drug market and being the city's murder capital, 'The Kid' quickly realizes that a life has no worth, betrayal is a tradition, and most of the people who claim to be your friends are faker than a seven dollar bill.
Fueled by a fascination with 'hood gangsta mythology, 'The Kid' traces the footsteps of his father and immediately finds himself entangled in a web of deception, multiple murders, and blood money. 



THE BOTTOM LINE takes you deep inside the lives of some of sports' most dysfunctional personalities, and allows you to witness their struggles with fame and fortune firsthand. A series whose main ingredient is the celebrity lifestyle provides never ending doses of flamboyance, greed, betrayal, and most of all...Drama! Week after week, you will get to witness the life-shattering decisions as they are being made, and the fallout as the juicy details of these ill-advised choices become breaking news on the internet gossip sites, social media pages, and across 

THE BOTTOM LINE of television
screens all over the world.



THE JUNGLE WE CALL HOME : The Larry Davis Story tells the tale of a 15 year old African American male who was coerced into a life of crime by the NYPD. At the age of 18, Davis had a change of heart and decided to spill details about the extent of the corruption in the Bronx 41st Precinct also known as Fort Apache. The police then resorted to “silence” Davis by staging a raid at the residence where he was located. Subsequently, the media frenzy that followed was a result of the shootout at the residence and a 17­-day manhunt of Davis. Six police officers were hit by gunfire during the incident. This is the untold details of Davis’ many cases, life and demise revealed by journals that were found in Larry's possession at the time of his death.


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